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Troubleshooting your phone

  1. Determine if the problem is internal to your house our external by going to the small grey box located (usually) on the outside of your building. This box is known as the 'demarc' or demarkation point, and it is where the phone companys' service terminates. Take a telephone you know to be in good working order with you. Open the box up and you should see a short phone cord and a test jack. Unplug the cord. Plug your test phone into the jack. If you can hear dial tone the problem with your lines is with either your devices, the cords from your devices to your jacks, or the wiring in your building itself. If you do not hear a dial tone then the problem is with outside technology provided by your phone company.
  2. If the problem was external please contact our repair department. If the problem was internal please make sure to unplug all devices from your phone jacks. This includes phones, answering machines, fax machines, computer modems, and some television receivers.
  3. Once all the devices are unplugged go from jack to jack in your building with your test phone. Plug the test phone into each jack to determine if all of your jacks have problems or if it's just a few.
  4. If some of your jacks do not work then you will need to either replace the jack or the wiring in the building depending on the nature of the problem. If your jacks all work then the problem is either with the cords going from the jacks to the devices you attached to them or it is with the devices themselves.
  5. Using any one working jack and one cord plug in each device and test the device for functionality. If a device doesn't work then the device is faulty. If more then one device doesn't work try switching phone cords. Sometimes the phone cord itself is faulty.
  6. Call Winn Communications' Customer Service Department and log a Trouble Ticket at 989-779-9817. This 'ticket' is an entry into our Repair database that assists with tracking and resolving any of your service problems. Our qualified, friendly Customer Service personnel will guide you through the process and have your services restored to full functionality in as expedient a manner as possible.

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