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Welcome to Winn Communications

Local, friendly service. How often do we hear those words today? Then we wade through phone trees and websites only to find out that the company is based in another state. At Winn Communications we know what it means to provide you with not only local service, but a local staff as well. Our locations are in or nearby the very areas we service. When you have problems you can come into our office and talk to us face to face and when you call us we are proud to offer you good, old fashioned person to person communication. No phone trees, no run arounds.

When you sign up with Winn Communications you are becoming a member of a company that stretches back over one hundred years. We were founded by farmers and blue collar workers right from the city of Winn. We have worked with you and around you in the community for generations. Some of our customers have even passed on their phone numbers and service to the younger generation. Isn't it time you tried a company that treated you like a person instead of a number? Sign up with Winn Communications and get the service and treatment you deserve.


located in Alma, Mt. Pleasant, Gaylord, and Winn
Gaylord Location
1684 South Otsego Avenue
Mount Pleasant, 402 North Mission Street Suite 1, 48858
402 North Mission Street, Suite 1
207 West Superior Street

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