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  phone service

Standard Business Lines

Standard business lines are useful for companies that only need a single line. As a business you are charged per call for your local usage and per minute for your long distance service.

Centrex Lines

Central Office Exchange is a service provided when a customer has several lines. It effectively allows you to house your telephone services on our facilities so that you do not have to purchase your own Private Branch eXchange (or PBX).

Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL)

Digital Subscriber Lines, or DSL, are a service where you can have one or more of your lines run both internet services and function as a traditional landline for one low monthly rate. The lines utilize existing phone lines at your location and our facilities to provide you with internet speeds of up to 6 Megabytes per Second.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VOIP, is a newly emergent technology which allows a customer to utilize a high speed internet connection to place telephone calls and still surf the internet.

PBX Trunks

Private Branch eXchange, or PBX, is the way to go for companies with hundreds or thousands of lines. It allows for personal, direct control over your phone services. It also saves money by allowing a customer to have multiple telephone numbers which use only a few actual lines.