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Winn Telephone

Winn Telephone has been serving customers since 1908. We celebrated our 100-year centennial anniversary in 2008, at this time Michigans Governor Jennifer Granholm presented us with a special recognition from the State of Michigan. Winn Telephone is the local exchange carrier in Winn, Michigan. Through the years we have been known for our great customer service and quality of service. Today, Winn Telephone and its subsidiaries have over 35 employees in Central and Northern Michigan. We take pride in offering local, personalized communications services to meet the needs for the people in the Mount Pleasant, Alma, Gaylord, and Winn areas.

Winn Telecom

Winn Telecom was formed in 1999 as the competitive local exchange carrier division of the Winn Telephone Company. We proudly serve Mount Pleasant and Central Michigan. In 1999 we started offering telephone services to the Mount Pleasant area. Today not only do we offer standard telephone services, we have also added DSL, wireless internet, data networks up to 100 megabytes, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), virtual PBX and other services. We have built and acquired a fiber network from Central Michigan to Lansing. By providing our communities with trusted service and integrity we understand the importance of being dedicated to serving both your future and ours with the business sense you have come to appreciate.

Winn Communication

Winn Communications is the parent company of Winn Telecom and Winn Telephone. We are located in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. Winn services are marketed under Winn Communications while the services are provided locally by Winn Telecom or Winn Telephone. Winn Communications offers services from plain old telephone service to advanced fiber broadband services. We have state of the art facilities located throughout central Michigan, from Lansing to Grayling. Contact us and let us help you with your communication needs.